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Search Engine List
by André le Roux
Dec. 2001

NOTE: This search engine list is NOT maintained. For an updated search engine list, please refer to the current version of the Search Engine Yearbook.

Search Engine List (alphabetical)

  • The ranking bars (ooooooo) provide a rough indication of the importance of having your site listed at each search engine.
  • The bars with red dots (ooooooo) indicate pay-per-click search engines.
  • If you see search engines without a rating (ooooooo) it means you cannot (as far as we know) submit your site to it.
  • If you disagree with our search engine ratings, you may share your view at

ooooooo 7Search (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Abacho (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Abadoor (main search URL)

ooooooo Abraham (main search URL)

ooooooo About
About is a massive, human-edited directory. To add your site, suggest it to the category editor

ooooooo Acoon (main search URL) (add URL)
German & English.

ooooooo Aeiwi (main search URL)

ooooooo Ah-ha (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo ALook4 (main search URL)

ooooooo Alexa (main search URL)
More than a search engine. Click the "Tour" link on the homepage for more.

ooooooo AllCrawl (main search URL)
Meta Engine

ooooooo AllTheWeb (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo AltaVista (main search URL) (add URL)
More than one way to submit your site. For a fee, the submission process is faster & more reliable.

ooooooo Amadillo (main search URL) (add URL)
Submissions processed in just 8 hours (claimed)

ooooooo Ampleo (main search URL)
Pay the pros to do your searching.

ooooooo Amray (main search URL)
To add your site, click "Add URL" in the appropriate category.

ooooooo Anzwers (main search URL) (add URL)
Australia & New Zealand - Powered by Google

ooooooo AOL Search (main search URL)
For your site to be found here, add it at

ooooooo AskJeeves (main search URL)
For your site to show up at AskJeeves, try adding it at

ooooooo Bay9 (main search URL)

ooooooo Best 20 Sites (main search URL)
e-mail to: (add URL)

ooooooo Bridge (main search URL)

ooooooo Caloweb (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Canada (main search URL)

ooooooo Canadianeh (main search URL)
Another Canadian engine & directory with graphic & text searches.

ooooooo Claymont (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo ClickHereToFind (main search URL)

ooooooo Complete Results (main search URL)

ooooooo Direct Hit (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo DogPile (main search URL)

ooooooo ePilot (main search URL)

ooooooo Entireweb (main search URL) (add URL)
A choice of "Express Submit" ($15) or "Free Submit".

ooooooo EuroGio (main search URL)
European engine

ooooooo Euroseek (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Excite (main search URL)
Submit your site to Overture to have it show up in Excite.

ooooooo Fast
see "AllTheWeb" above

ooooooo Final Search (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Find Info (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo FindWhat (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Galaxy (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Go2Net (main search URL)

ooooooo GoClick (main search URL)

ooooooo Godado (main search URL)
Submit at SearchHound

ooooooo GoGuides (main search URL)
Suggest your site under a relevant category

ooooooo Google (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo HotBot (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo IgotIt (main search URL)
Search for specific products

ooooooo InfoMak (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Info Tiger (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo InfoSpace (main search URL)

ooooooo iTv Search (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo iWon (main search URL)

ooooooo IX Quick Meta search (main search URL)

ooooooo Jayde (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo JoeAnt (main search URL)
Suggest your site under a relevant category

ooooooo Kanoodle (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Looksmart (NOTE: Looksmart changed to a pay-per-click model during 2002) (main search URL) (add URL) (Pay for review)

ooooooo Lycos (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Mamma (main search URL) (add URL) (Pay for review)

ooooooo MSN Search (main search URL)

ooooooo NationalDirectory (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo NBCi (Snap) (main search URL)

ooooooo Netcrawler (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Netscan (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Netscape Netcenter (main search URL)

ooooooo Oingo (main search URL)
A.K.A. "Applied Semantics"

ooooooo Open Directory Project (ODP) (main search URL)
If you're only adding your site to one directory, this is it. Go to the appropriate category and use the link at the top of the page to suggest your site.
More handy tips on ODP at

ooooooo Overture (main search URL)

ooooooo PageSeeker (main search URL) (add URL)
Seems to get some results from ODP

ooooooo PeopleWeb (main search URL)

ooooooo QuestFinder (main search URL)

ooooooo Scrub The Web (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo (main search URL)

ooooooo Search Galore (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Search Hippo (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo SearchHound (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Search King (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Search Queen (main search URL)

ooooooo Sprinks (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Subjex (main search URL) (add URL)
Natural dialogue search engine. Get some results from Google.

ooooooo Teoma (main search URL)

ooooooo The Cozy Cabin (main search URL)

ooooooo TopClick (main search URL)
Seems to get its search results from Google

ooooooo TrueSearch (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo UK Plus (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Useroo (main search URL) (add URL)
Very weird looking site.

ooooooo Voila (main search URL) (add URL)
Major French engine

ooooooo Web Trawler (main search URL)
Add your site to ODP to be listed here.

ooooooo WebData (main search URL)
Add your database: (add URL)
Database search engine

ooooooo WebWombat (main search URL) (add URL) (Pay for review)

ooooooo Win4Win (main search URL)

ooooooo Wepa (main search URL)

ooooooo WiseNut (main search URL) (add URL)

ooooooo Word Planet (main search URL)

ooooooo WorldLight (main search URL)

ooooooo Yahoo! (main search URL)
Suggest your site in the appropriate category.

ooooooo (main search URL) (add URL)
URL & e-mail search engine

ooooooo Zerx (main search URL)

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